This report constitutes the final deliverable of the EvoCS project. In it, the main results of the project are summarised and put into their respective context (section 2). It also includes final notes on the inter-study coherence, comments on the methodology of the EvoCS analytical framework (section 3) and an analysis and evaluation in the context of European policy documents and the current Eurobarometer on security (section 4). At its heart, the report formulates recommendations which are based on the project’s results which target different levels (e.g. the EU level, the national level) and different geographical parts of Europe (e.g. recommendations for the whole of the EU, recommendations which are specific for certain regions) (section 5). In the last two sections, a report is given on the EvoCS project’s final conference which took place Brussels on 10th November 2015 (section 6) and two examples of policy briefs which are one possible product that can come out of future activities using the project’s analytical framework (section 7). The annex includes a guideline in which sequence the project’s deliverables should be read.

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Euskirchen, Germany