Start/End date: 
01.11.2014 to 31.07.2015

The work package will provide the coherence of the analytical framework used for the regional case studies. This coherence will be achieved by providing templates for comparative analysis and adjusting, when necessary and properly justified, the course of the work developed in the four case studies. It is anticipated that during the process of dealing with various ‘real world’ issues related to the perception of Security, modifications of the initial assumptions made in the analytical framework might become necessary. Consequently, this WP will assess, coordinate and where relevant incorporate any such amendments consistently into the analytical framework used within and across the case studies. It is also this WP's objective to ensure that all case studies, apart from studying regional and context specific issues, work on identifying pan-European aspects of the different evolving concepts of security. 

The package will also set up an Ethical Monitoring and Information Service (EMIS) for informing, supporting or instructing partners in charge of the regional case studies on any ethical and fundamental rights issues
encountered during the research.

The related tasks include: methodology and coherence support and ethical monitoring and information service.

Milestones: MS5 Completion of collection of approvals from the competent ethical and DP local, regional or national; MS10 Revision of the methodological framework after the regional workshops; MS11 Final case studies review and conclusions

Deliverables: D4.1 Tools for methodological support: templates, criteria, and IT requirements; D4.2 Case studies report compendium; D4.3 Final methodology review and recommendations