Start/End date: 
01.08.2015 to 31.10.2015

The first objective of the work package is to create a harmonized summary based on the case studies of WPs 5-8. The second objective is to analyse this report as to the perception of security threats and the measures taken to address them, which are described in the different case studies. The third objective is to evaluate this analysis and formulate recommendations for Europe’s security end-users. The fourth objective is to suggest how the evolving concept of security can be consistently assessed in the long run in a harmonized manner by security stakeholders. The deliverable of this work package is a final report that includes the results of these objectives.

The related tasks include: case study summary; analysis and evaluation; and compilation of the final report.

Milestones: MS12 Case study summary completed

Deliverables: D9.1 Final report on the evolving concept of security

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