A teleconference to discuss a draft presentation, prepared by HCSS, on the project research methodology.

Participants: HCSS (Chair), Fraunhofer INT, SSSUP, UCSC, I.A.I., University of Loughbourough, PISM

A number of substantive and procedural comments were raised with regards to:

  • The feasibility and utility of indicators in drawing up regional security profiles;
  • The way the four dimensions fit within the proposed research approach;
  • A template for the write-up of D3.1 contributions;
  • The grouping of countries into certain regions;
  • The issue of ‘perceptions of security’ versus ‘objective security’ and how that fits in the current research approach;
  • The distinction between hazards/dangers and threats, etc.

These issues will be discussed in greater detail in the Official Kickoff Meeting on the 11th of July.