EvoCS' Final Conference, entitled “Evolving Concepts of Security – Values, Perceptions, Threats across Four European Regions,” was held on 10 November 2015 at BAO Centre (www.bao.be), Brussels.

The event brought together 60 participants from EU institutions, national governments, international organisations, NGOs, academia, and the industry to share views on topics of extreme importance to policy setting in Europe and to discuss perceptions of security, similarities and differences in the national approaches to security in the regions examined, and to draw actionable policy conclusions. The participants were nationals of 23 European countries (incl. 18 EU member states).

The audience represented various angles of the security policy discourse in the following proportion: 23% national authorities (Ambassadors in the Political and Security Committee of the EU, high- and mid- level representatives to the EU from national diplomatic missions, national or regional police), 18% academia, 11% EU institutions (European Parliament, DG HOME, EEAS, Europol, European Security and Defence College), 10% SME, and 1% international organisations. 36% of the audience was comprised of members of think tanks, research institutes and media.