The Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) was founded on 11 October 1965 on the initiative of Altiero Spinelli, who became its first Director. IAI is a non-profit organization funded by individual and corporate members, public and private organizations, major international foundations, and through a standing order from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Institute is one of the major Italian think tanks covering the fields of foreign policy, security and defence issues and international political economy. IAI has developed and matured a strong background in the security and defence field over the last 40 years by establishing international ties with think tanks, universities, research centres, institutions and other actors involved in relevant research fields. Since PASR 2004, IAI has been active in several European projects regarding the political, economic, industrial and technological aspects of security and defence. In this context, IAI has contributed to or supervised the development of scenarios and forecasts regarding the evolution of the security environment and/or the implementation of European and national security and defence policies. This longstanding experience has led IAI to the formulation of policy recommendations and guidelines at
both European and national level.

Roles in EvoCS: 

Lead partner for WP5 "Case Study A: West-Mediterranean EU".

Contributor to WP2 "Dissemination", WP6 "Case Study B: Eastern EU Border" and WP9 "Compilation and Evaluation".