The Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) is a public think-tank designed to serve the state administration and Polish citizens through assistance in shaping the country's foreign policy as well as enhancing and spreading knowledge about international affairs. It is the biggest Polish institution that conducts policy-focused research and it was founded by an act of parliament in1996. In 2010 and 2011, PISM was rated amongst the twenty most influential government-affiliated think-tanks worldwide in the annual “Global Go To Think Tank Ranking”, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, and the secondbest such institution in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Institute prepares written analyses and studies for the public administration responsible for shaping and conducting Poland's foreign policy, developing public understanding of international affairs and Polish foreign policy. PISM disseminates information on contemporary international affairs, as well as maintaining contacts with academic and political centers in Poland and abroad. PISM is an active member of the think-tank community, regularly organising and participating in a number of conferences elsewhere in Poland and overseas as well as coordinating collaborative projects. In 2011, PISM staff participated in more than 100 events in the EU, U.S., Mexico, India, China and elsewhere. With over eighty staff PISM is the largest such institute in Poland. Its research team consist of more than 30 experienced full-time researchers (political scientists, sociologists, economists, historians, linguists). Most of research products are published online in a variety of formats, and all of them in two languages (Polish and English). In 2011, PISM issued almost 250 publications, including 14 books. PISM also publishes three Cooperation Coordination Actions (CA).

Roles in EvoCS: 

Lead partner for WP6 "Case Study: Eastern Europe"

Contributor for WP2 "Dissemination",  WP3 "Development of the Analytical Framework" and WP8 "Case Study: South-Eastern Europe"