Procon is a small, flexible knowledge-based company established in Bulgaria in 1995, adding value on the boundary between advanced science and technology developments and rapidly changing organisational requirements. It provides organisational and technological support to the process of requirements definition, customisation, deployment and operation of technologies, in particular sensor, communications and information systems.

Procon disseminates knowledge on advancing and applying communications and information technologies through publication, in print and electronically, of the open-access peer-reviewed English language quarterly Information and Security: An International Journal (ISSN 0861-5160, e-ISSN 1314-2119), the series, books, brochures, reports and monographic studies. Jointly with partner organisations, Procon publishes other journals and book series, primarily  on issues of security and defence policy, organises courses, seminars, conferences and technology demonstrations in the areas of its specialization.

Roles in EvoCS: 

Lead partner for WP2 "Dissemination."

Contributor to WP6 "Case Study B: Eastern European Border" and WP8 "Case Study D: South-Eastern Europe."