The Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Studi Universitari e Perfezionamento is a public, special-statute University that works in the field of applied sciences and offers Ph.D. programs, Master degree programs, professional degree courses and continuing education programs. The Scuola Sant'Anna scientific and research activities in the field of social sciences concentrate on innovation management, human rights, management of complex emergencies, development of civil society, governance. In 1995 the School established a post-graduate program, the International Training Program for Conflict Management (ITPCM) whose main aim is to create a structure able to respond to the training needs of personnel involved in international field operations. Since then it has designed curricula for, organized and implemented some 200 training events, attended by more than 5000 trainees.

It has since then expanded its activities to include research and advisory services in the areas of human rights, humanitarian assistance, project design, monitoring and evaluation and has established itself as a leading institution in the sector, successfully offering its services to numerous national and international organizations (inter alia WFP, WHO, UNDESA, UNDPKO, UNITAR, UNSSC, EU Civil Protection, OSCE, African Union, the Italian Department for Civil Protection, the Italian Army, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US State Department).

The Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna  carries out innovative research in the fields of law, economics and political sciences. This multidisciplinary approach allows a global representation of complex legal, political, social and economic phenomena. It also facilitates the creation of high-profile scientific research, which is directly applicable to external stakeholders that have decision-making responsibilities at various levels (international, national, regional, and local). 

In particular, due to its expertise in human rights, the Scuola has long lasting experience in unearthing and assessing the privacy and ethical implications related to research. The Scuola also manages the EU-funded  project CBRN Integrated Response: Italy aiming at improving the coordination between safety and security forces in responding to CBRN events.


Roles in EvoCS: 

Contributor to WP2 "Dissemination", WP3 "Development of the Analytical Framework" and WP4 "Development of the Analytical Framework".